20 American Students, 16 Parents Stranded in Afghanistan: ‘They Were Not Able to Get to the Airport’

Twenty American students and sixteen parents are stranded in Afghanistan, unable to reach the extraction point at the Kabul airport upon concluding their summer vacation.

Cajon Valley School Board President Tamara Otero told the Los Angeles Times the stranded group had purchased flights out of Afghanistan before the beginning of the school year on August 17, but were not able to leave the country due to President Joe Biden’s deadly withdrawal operation.

Another report reveals over a thousand Americans are trapped at the American University of Afghanistan. “It has been able to get only around 50 people out. It needs to get out 1200 more. These people have been— and will continue to be — Taliban targets,” Michelle Kosinski reported. The University “has had difficulty getting help in evacuating its people out.”

Meanwhile, the Taliban-enforced withdrawal deadline in five days looms over the administration. Wednesday the Pentagon confirmed only 4,400 have been extracted with an unknown amount of American citizens stuck behind enemy lines. Last week the White House suggested about 11,000 Americans were in the country.

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