Mark Levin Reveals the Real ‘Coup’ That Happened in America – And It Has Nothing to Do with January 6

Mark Levin, conservative talk radio and Fox News host, has laid bare the real ‘coup’ that happened in American history. And it wasn’t the events of January 6. The best-selling author of “American Marxism” revealed his reasons for believing so in extended commentary on LevinTV.

“You know, ladies and gentlemen, there is a criminal investigation, and there has been, into January 6,” Levin said. “Over 600 American citizens have been charged with such heinous crimes as trespassing. Now, some people have been tried for assault – very few – and you know, doing damage to the Capitol building.”

“I make no excuses for that,” he said. “But the vast majority of those 630 or so people did nothing. And I happen to know several who were on the grounds of the Capitol building and were charged with trespassing and were told, ‘if you don’t plead guilty, we’re going to charge you with a felony and drag you through the entire court system.’ These are average people, they don’t have a million dollars for legal representation. Several of them have been put in solitary confinement for a period of six to eight weeks. They have been talking about abuses taking place. And notice the media could give a damn. As a matter of fact, whenever I talk about this, I am attacked by Soros front groups like Media Matters and so forth.”

“Well, they can attack me all they want,” he added. “The fact of the matter is that I don’t like the way these people are being treated in the least.”

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