BREAKING: Biden Seeks To Give Migrant Families $450,000 PER PERSON If They Were Separated At The Border Under Trump

What is shockingly apparent to those who have been around for a few years, is the left’s rapidly departing regard for anything traditionally pro-America.

These social justice activists are attempting to fix all the wrongs of the world today and are even trying to correct what they deem to have been wrongs committed hundreds of years ago in the past.

Their plan for the latter is to tear down statues, remove portraits, and rename buildings trying to erase any sign of former leaders whom they deem are no longer appropriate for display in the public view.

In apparent hypocrisy, this same group that calls for the righteous judgment against these former founding fathers, etc., whom the collective has targeted as doing wrong, makes a strange pivot by then defending criminals and illegal aliens demanding they are not prosecuted in spite of the law.

An exclusive article by the Wall Street Journal reveals the left is working on a way to not only get a pathway to citizenship for some illegal aliens but also to compensate each person, whose family members were separated during processing by DHS.

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