Breaking – Speaker Pelosi Brings Biden’s Infrastructure Package To House Floor For Vote – But No Go Tonight On 3.5T Bill

Following Tuesday night’s election drubbing, the Democrats have been working feverishly to get their 2 massive spending bills passed ASAP.

In D.C, political pundits dove deep into the elections results data looking for answers with some blaming President Biden’s record and lack of leadership in getting his agenda passed, as the reason for the Virginia Gubernatorial election loss.

After weeks of internal fighting, the House Democrats appear to have broken through the gridlock late Friday beginning debating on President Biden’s economic package.

The plan is to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and if possible also pass a pathway to voting on the social welfare spending bill down the road.

The House began consideration of the two measures midafternoon after holding open a procedural vote for about seven hours to allow more time to round up the votes.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been negotiating with a handful of party moderates who have been holding out. They have stayed firm on their demand to first see a Congressional Budget Office analysis of the massive spending plan before casting their vote.

That CBO score won’t be fully completed for weeks, Democratic leaders said.

Nonetheless, Democrats Friday appeared ready to move forward with Speaker Pelosi working the phones and asking for favors to get half the package passed.

Instead of passing the social welfare spending bill, Democrats will vote on the rule that advances the bill and will consider the legislation at some point in the future, which will provide moderates with additional time to view a CBO analysis that won’t be ready until around Thanksgiving.

The House will vote to advance the social welfare spending package later this afternoon and in a separate vote, will pass the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which has already won the approval of the Senate and will go directly to Biden’s desk for signing.

“In order to make progress on the President’s vision it is important that we advance the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and the Build Back Better Act today,” Pelosi wrote to members on Friday

“I believe that the votes today to pass the infrastructure bill and to provide for a path forward by adopting the rule for the Build Back Better legislation will be a giant step forward,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said shortly after announcing the plan.

In the end, the GOP has already signed off on the 1.2T plan.

The problem for Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer is actually two Democratic Senators who, as of today, will block the second bill.

This has been one of the major sticking points, as the House’s far-left members have been demanding these Senator’s approvals before agreeing to either bill.

We will find out soon, who will win this game of political “chicken”.

Eric Thompson is a syndicated political writer and Christian podcaster.

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