WATCH: CNN Reporter Grills Pete Buttigieg Because She Thinks Roadways Are Racist

Far-left CNN reporter April Ryan believes that roadways are racist. Yes, you heard that right. She believes that racism was “built into roadways”. As a result, she confronted Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg about it on Monday.

“Can you give us the construct of how you will deconstruct the racism that was built into the roadways? You talked earlier and broke that information with us. Can you talk to us about how that could be deconstructed?,” Ryan asked.

According to his answer, Buttigieg agrees that roadways are racist.

“For sure, yeah,” Buttigieg began.

“So, the principle of Justice 40 is that at least 40% of the clean investments in this bill will go to benefit the communities that are overburdened and underserved. So, part one of that is defining those investments that are eligible and that’s a lot of it, and we’re working to map out kind of program by program, mode by mode, what would qualify. For example, if we’re buying clean buses, how do we make sure, in terms of where those buses go, but also look at the business opportunity, the jobs that are going to be created, the businesses that will have a chance to compete for the business opportunity it creates — that, too, is a very important element the equity here that’s in the spirit of Justice 40,” he continued

Ryan responded by saying that some interstates were “meant to be racist”.

“But that’s such a heavy lift,” stated the far-left reporter.

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