WATCH: Megyn Kelly Goes Scorched Earth On LeBron James For Mocking Kyle Rittenhouse

Another day, another scorched earth rant from Megyn Kelly. Her victim this week? LeBron James. (Also known as “LeBrick” James since he has one of the worst free throw percentages among any NBA star in the past decade).

During her brand new video, Kelly tore into James for mocking Kyle Rittenhouse after he broke down in a panic attack during his trial. LeBron obviously can’t sympathize with Rittenhouse because, how could he? The only “danger” he’s ever faced is wondering which sponsor is going to pay him million dollars and whether or not his personal chef is going to make chicken or fish for dinner. Rough life!

Anyways, heres what Kelly had to say to the overrated basketball player.

“LeBron James just tweeted out quote, ‘what tears? I didn’t see one,’” Megyn said. “‘Man, knock it off. That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court.’ Good gracious. Where’s your humanity?,” Kelly exclaimed.

WATCH (whole video covers Rittenhouse, but her comments about James start at the 15 minute mark)

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