All Florida School Districts Defying DeSantis DROP School Mask Mandates

Every school district in Florida that attempted to defy Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) administration and faced subsequent consequences has dropped their mask requirements in schools.

After months of battles, every school district defying the administration, including Broward, Alachua Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, have dropped their mandatory masking requirement for students after the Florida Department of Education “voted to withhold funding from after they imposed strict mask mandates despite a state order prohibiting them,” as Forbes reported:

The Florida Department of Education has not yet responded to a request for comment on whether funding will be restored to the Florida school districts now that their mask orders are lifted. The state has been withholding an amount of funds every month equivalent to the school board members’ salaries and any federal grants the district receives for their Covid-19 measures.

Indeed, Miami-Dade is among the latest to drop the requirement, allowing parents to fill out a form to opt their children out of mandatory mask wearing in school:

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