Waukesha Man, 24, Unwittingly Let SUV ‘Killer’ Into His Home – ‘He Came In, Sat Down And Lied About Everything’

‘He came in, sat down and lied about everything’: Waukesha man, 24, who unwittingly let SUV ‘killer’ into his home reveals how he made him a sandwich, gave him a jacket, and let him use the phone – seconds before cops swooped

  • Daniel Rider was at home watching football when Darrell Brooks started banging on his door Sunday night
  • Doorbell footage shows Brooks, 39, asking if he can borrow a phone and claiming he was waiting for an Uber
  • Just 20 minutes earlier he had plowed into a crowd at the Christmas Parade, leaving six people dead
  • Rider gave shivering Brooks his jacket, made him a sandwich and lent him his phone so he could call his mom
  • Rider said Brooks even asked him if he knew what was going on downtown – but Rider had no idea
  • ‘He is he is telling me that, ‘Oh, is there something going on downtown?’ I was like, ‘There’s a parade today.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, that’s probably the parade.’ So he was just completely putting on a face and lying about everything,’ Rider said
  • Brooks was arrested shortly after with dramatic footage from Rider’s doorbell camera showing the suspect raising his hands on the porch as patrol cars surround the property
  • He has been charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide, and faces jail for the rest of his life
  • A sixth death, that of eight-year-old Jackson Sparks emerged last night, and additional charges are expected 

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