Critical Race Theory Whistleblower: Curriculum ‘Pits Our Students Against Each Other Based on Color’

Tony Kinnett, an Indianapolis, Indiana, school administrator who in early November blew the whistle on Critical Race Theory being taught in his district, told Fox News that the curriculum “suggests to all of our students who aren’t black or brown that they are responsible for centuries of horrible oppression that the United States has built.”

“No matter what class you’re in, you are required to look through that lens, and that’s really quite horrifying,” he said.

Kinnett, who was placed on leave after revealing his district’s motives, described two fundamental priorities of the Indianapolis Public Schools curriculum.

“Every single class at Indianapolis Public Schools is founded on two strategic priorities,” he explained. “One is the official academic priority that we’re all supposed to encourage, and the second is the racial equity priority, which sounds really great, but it actually pits our students against each other based on color.”

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