Desperate Biden Backs Exception To Filibuster For Illegal National Voting Rights Bills – “Whatever It Takes”

Of all the Marxist legislation Speaker Pelosi’s majority has forced through the U.S. House, HR1 is considered to be the most crucial for the Democratic party.

It is their attempt to pass an unconstitutional nationalization of federal elections. With multiple Democratic representatives retiring and polling showing multiple other seats up for grab, the left knows HR1 is their only chance of keeping the Congress after the 2022 midterm elections.

In a desperate move, President Biden says he supports creating an exception to the legislative filibuster in the Senate in order to pass voting rights legislation over Republican opposition. This “exception” would remove the senate requirement of 60 plus votes to end debate, allowing instead a simple majority of 51.

During his one-on-one interview on Wednesday with ABC’s David Muir, Biden said that he was in favor of “whatever it takes” to force his radical agenda through the US legislature in order for it to become law, even if it means terminating the filibuster – which he said he would do without hesitation if given the chance.

Biden made the comments when Muir asked him about the Democrat’s proposed changes to federal election procedures included in H.R.1, which includes a sweeping overhaul on voting rights that would enable countless illegal aliens to cast votes and allow for even more extensive fraud than there was in 2020.

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