RESTORED FAITH: God Inspires Man To Aid Tornado Victims In KY

Was it a simple act of kindness that motivated a Good Samaritan, or “divine intervention”? In the wee hours on December 10th, Kentucky native Jim Finch became inspired to load up his truck with food, water and a BBQ grill, and head to Mayfield, where the devastating series of deadly tornados tore into the heartland.

Like many across the nation, Finch watched in disbelief as mother nature ravaged rural communities and small towns along a 200-mile path of destruction, spewing over 69 tornadoes across multiple state lines, including Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

Kentucky, however, experienced what has been described as “catastrophic damage” with over 76 confirmed dead and hundreds more injured. Dozens of towns were destroyed, with some totally wiped off the map.

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