Dems want $7 Gas: Jim Jordan Unloads on Leftists – VIDEO

Jim Jordan, on the 8th of March, announced that he’d be appearing on Fox and Friends to discuss gas prices and why the Democrats are letting them roar ever-higher, saying on Twitter:

He had the oil and gas executives there in front of them, and he badgered every one of them, asking them one simple question: Will you pledge to decrease production this year?

After telling that story as a way of emphasizing just how far the left has gone to, as he sees it, make fossil fuels far more expensive, he used the story to emphasize that the higher prices caused by their demands are just what the left wants, saying:

I mean, the Democrats want $7 gas. So that is the biggest problem.

Turning from the Democrat plans to the effect those plans are having on middle-class Americans, Jordan said:

“What that means to middle-class families, how that hurts our economy, how that drives up the price of everything because you got – it takes fuel to move goods around the country.”

And why is Joe letting that happen? According to Jordan, it’s because he’s scared of the far left and would rather appease them than stand up to them. In Jordan’s words:

So it’s complete craziness, but that’s where the left is today. And unfortunately, they have complete control of the Democrat Party, and Joe Biden, I think, is afraid to stand up to them.

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