CA Army National Guard Commander Concerning Ukraine: We Must Stand Ready

Once again the leadership in the Golden State confirms their far-left worldview.

This time it comes from the California National Guard, which hosted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Moffett Air Field in California last September.

A memo, written by the first woman to command a United States Army infantry division, was sent to the troops.

The Guard commander on Sunday sent a memorandum to soldiers serving in the California Army National Guard — which is partnered with Ukrainian forces under the State Partnership Program — asking them to “stand ready.”

The subject of the memorandum issued by Army Maj. Gen. Laura L. Yeager was titled:

Letter to the Field — Ukraine.”

We cannot predict what our role may be at home or abroad, therefore we must stand ready. We ask each of you to self-assess and seize the initiative to improve your personal readiness,” Yeager wrote.

The memorandum said in full:

  1. As we watch the war unfold in our partner nation of Ukraine, our role as defenders of democracy is highlighted and increased in importance. Democracy can coexist with all peaceful nations but the actions of President Putin prove that oppressive states choose not to respect the sovereignty of democratic free countries.
  2. I am proud of our lasting partnership with Ukraine and their valiant fight to protect their freedom and their nation is inspiring. We are working diligently with our state and federal partners to help facilitate getting the Ukrainian military and citizens the equipment and humanitarian assistance they need to continue their defense.
  3. We cannot predict what our role may be at home or abroad, therefore we must stand ready. We ask each of you to self-assess and seize the initiative to improve your personal readiness. I encourage each of you to ensure you are continually working to increase your physical fitness, further your military education and train hard to be ready when needed. Speak to your friends and connect them with a local recruiter if they choose to serve to strengthen the readiness of our formations.
  4. Thank you for your service to California and the nation. Peace and freedom will endure with your continue commitment to service and excellence.

Breibart confirmed with the California Military Department Public Affairs Office Director Lt. Col. Brandon Hill,  that the memo they obtained a copy of was authentic.

“I can confirm that is a memorandum sent by Maj Gen Yeager to the California Army National Guard component and personnel serving under her command. Her statement illustrates the importance of our motto or ‘Always Ready, Always There’ for National Guard service members. It also highlights our special relationship with the armed forces of Ukraine through the State Partnership Program in the 30 years we have partnered and trained with them,” he said in a statement.

He noted that the California Military Department recently published an e-newsletter on its partnership with Ukrainian forces.

It was written by Sgt. 1st Class Amanda H. Johnson and opens with:

“We have been partnered with Ukraine for 30 years,” said California State Guard Brig. Gen. Peter B. Cross, commander of Youth and Community Programs task force for the California Military Department, during a rally on March 6 on the steps of the state capitol in support of Ukraine. “Not just last year. Not just this week. For 30 years.”

The Ukrainian American House-sponsored event brought together lawmakers, military leaders, community members, and all walks of life to focus on the conflict invading every corner of Ukraine.

“We have been training with our Ukraine military counterparts,” said Cross. “We have friends in Ukraine. This is personal for us.”

The State Partnership Program stems from a 1991 U.S. European Command decision to pair up American reservists with former Soviet Bloc nations and is administered by the National Guard Bureau. California National Guard troops have been matched with Ukrainian forces since 1993.

As a Marine Corps Vet, I don’t understand this program but I do have to assume that California, even as a Communist and lawless state, would still have to get authorization from our nation’s Commander In Chief, President Joe Biden, before sending any troops to Ukraine.

To me, this is really more virtue signaling and a public acknowledgment that the Guard leadership is in support of the Ukrainian military fighting against the Russian invasion force.

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Eric Thompson Show.

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