Joe Biden Blames Oil Company Executives For Soaring Gas Prices – “They Don’t Want to Pump More Oil” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden lashed out at oil company executives on Friday and blamed soaring gas prices on their greed.

So far Biden has blamed record gas prices on:

  • Vladimir Putin
  • Covid
  • Wall Street bankers
  • Oil executives

“The oil company and the executives—they don’t want to pump more oil, although they have every capacity to do so,” Biden said in remarks at the House Democrat Caucus Conference at the Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing.

“Rather than spend the profits of the increased price of gasoline, they would rather take those profits and buy back stock,” he said.

“Not a joke. Not a joke,” Biden said holding up articles from the Democrat stenographers at the Washington Post.

“So don’t tell me gas prices rose because I’ve slowed down energy production,” Biden said scolding conservative media.


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