Mass Exodus Of Customers From ATT, Verizon & T-Mobile To PureTalk

Americans are tired of overpaying for services, especially their cell phone service.

With the advancements of technology, they now can leave the major cellular providers, without losing their coverage and access to the same cellular towers.

The customer can use their existing phones and phone numbers.

There is a mass exodus underway from those in the major carriers to PURTALK.

PURETALK – What are customers saying about our low-cost cell plans?

Why choose PureTalk?

Why not?

Unlimited plans start at only $20/month, plus all these great features.

1. Service covers 99% of Americans on the nation’s most reliable 5G network.

If you’re thinking that our absurdly low cost means less coverage – think again. Our voice and data service covers over 320 million Americans. Our 4G LTE and 5G network, which provides you the fastest internet speeds just like more expensive carriers, covers 305 million Americans. We operate on the most reliable 5G network in the United States to ensure you receive reliable coverage virtually anytime, anywhere.

2. What is included?

All plans include Unlimited Talk & Text with high-speed data access with speeds up to 5G. All plans also include voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, conferencing, and call waiting.

3. No contracts and no hidden fees.

With PureTalk, there are no contracts, no long-distance fees, no roaming fees, no additional handset fees, and no prepaid cards. You and your family just use your phones and at the end of the month, we bill the credit card or debit card we have on file for the plan you chose

4. Quick and easy to activate.

Once you receive your SIM card or phone in the mail, you can easily activate your service online in a few minutes. Just go to Activate Service and follow the instructions given to you in the mail.

The average family saves $800 per year, and can get 50% off their first bill by using promo code “FLS”.

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