President Joe Biden Is Stressing Americans Out, Big Time!

Following former President Donald J. Trump’s announcement that he was going to run for, and eventually won, the election on November 8th, 2016, those on the left have been freaking out, overreacting, and some seeking psychiatric care to deal with their fear of the business mogul, turned politician.

This anxiety drove millions on the left to the polls on election night, Nov 3rd, 2020, voting for the twice-failed and mentally declining Joe Biden, whom they thought would lead the nation as a grandpa figure, restoring calm to the U.S.A.

After 15 months in the White House though, things have gone south for a majority of those polled.

Americans claim they are experiencing a spike in anxiety, in President Joe Biden’s America, due to rising prices, supply chain issues, and global uncertainty, the American Psychological Association’s annual “Stress in America” poll revealed.

This infographic from APA’s Stress in AmericaTM Survey report for March 2022, the second pandemic survey report, shows that inflation, global uncertainty, and the invasion of Ukraine are significant stressors.

The stress for many, especially those who voted for Joe Biden, is a result of his failing policies and even his struggle to answer questions during a standard press conference

The coronavirus restrictions, mandatory vaccine mandates, inflation, and global conflicts including the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal under Biden’s presidency are mostly to be blamed.

The survey found a whopping 87 percent of Americans identifying “rise in prices of everyday items due to inflation (e.g. gas prices, energy bills, grocery costs)” as a significant source of stress. 

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