LOL: Amy Schumer Discusses Post-Trump Election Meltdown

Did celebrities handle Trump’s 2016 election victory well? No, no they didn’t. In fact, many of them went positively postal, freaking out after learning that many Americans didn’t agree with the Hollywood elite on political issues.

One such looney leftist celebrity is seriously unfunny comedian Amy Schumer. She, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, says that Trump’s election left her “totally depressed and without anything helpful to say” in her sketch series, Inside Amy Schumer.

Why she wanted to say something “helpful” rather than “funny” is left unsaid, but is probably the reason that her popularity has plummetted; her brand of preachy “comedy” is more appropriate for a leftist campus poetry slam than an arena full of people expecting actually funny comedy rather than a rant about the patriarchy or bad orange man.

In any case, Schumer also took the interview opportunity to perform the ritual flagellation expected of every celebrity that has one said something that is currently viewed as non-PC. In the words of the Hollywood Reporter:

there’s plenty in her past that makes her cringe. “I’m disgusted with some of my old material,” she says, citing one joke in particular about Black people not being able to swim. It was after reading Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste that she better understood its racist roots. She has “so much undoing to do,” she admits, and she’s been busy educating herself to be a better ally — a process that entailed participating in Black Lives Matter vigils and workshops every day for six months following the murder of George Floyd.

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