CA Gov. Newsom Opposes Republican Bid To Pause Sky-High Gas Tax To Help Californians

Once again, those in the Golden State have been let down by our arrogant, deceptive and dishonest Governor Gavin Newsome.

From Daily Wire – Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) is rejecting Republicans’ bid to pause California’s gas tax because the move would help “petro-dictators and oil companies.”

Prices at the pump have been rising for the past year, reaching new highs amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to AAA, the average American consumer currently pays $4.31 per gallon; however, the average Californian pays an average of $5.75. 

California also has a $0.51 per gallon tax on gasoline — a policy that many Republicans are attempting to suspend in order to provide residents with relief from soaring prices. A Honda Civic, for example, has a 12.4 gallon tank — translating to an additional $6.34 per fill from the tax alone.

In a letter obtained by Fox Business, a group of Republican lawmakers led by Rep. David Valadao (R-CA) asked Newsom to pause the gas tax.

“Even as prices skyrocket, California continues to tax gasoline at 51.1 cents per gallon,” the lawmakers wrote. “While market forces are responsible for today’s extreme prices, California’s high taxes represent an added burden, and working Californians simply cannot afford gas prices approaching $6 per gallon.”

“With the cost of goods rising across the board and the price of a gallon of gas at record highs, now is the time to pursue all avenues of relief,” the letter continued. “We call on you to immediately suspend California’s excise tax on gasoline for six months.”

Newsom’s office reacted poorly to the conservatives’ legislation. Newsom Communications Director Erin Mellon argued that “the Republican’s proposal can be manipulated to help line the pockets of petro-dictators and oil companies who are benefiting from the spike in oil prices across the world,” instead pointing to Newsom’s “tax rebate to provide billions in direct relief to Californians who are suffering from rising gas prices across the country” as a “direct result” of the Russian invasion. 

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