DHS Secretary Mayorkas Excelerating Asylum Processing For Illegal Aliens “Migrants”

One of the most dangerous men in the United States is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorakas.

Since taking the position in early 2021, he allowed more than 1 million economic migrants across the southern border, alongside the legal inflow of myriad visa workers and roughly 1 million legal immigrants. The inflow adds about two million people to the nation every year, as approximately 4 million Americans begin searching for jobs.

Now President Joe Biden’s border chief has released draft rules that will allow low-level officials to quickly and quietly award the huge prize of asylum and citizenship to myriad economic migrants, without oversight from judges or Congress.

“What they’re doing is giving low-level bureaucrats authority equivalent to Congress as a whole to decide how many foreigners should move to the United States and become American citizens,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Officials “say it’s streamlining the process, which it is truly not,” Krikorian said. “The goal of the regulation is to dramatically increase the number of people successfully getting asylum and to speed that process up as much as possible.”

The 512-page March 24 regulation converts the preliminary “Credible Fear Interview” process for new arrivals into a fast-track, full-scale asylum hearing, where migrants can get political asylum in a face-to-face interview with a low-level agency official.

Under current rules, migrants can ask for a Credible Fear Interview. If approved, they can stay in the country for a few years while a courtroom judge decides if their evidence justifies the award of asylum. The award of asylum is a huge prize — it allows migrants the right to take jobs, rent homes, become a citizen, and bring relatives into the United State via chain migration.

“This will only encourage more illegal immigration and fraudulent asylum claims, which is the Biden administration’s end goal,” said a statement from Dan Stein, the president of the Federation of American Immigration Reform.

But Mayorkas and others are using asylum law to expand migration into the United State, beyond the annual numbers set by Congress in 1990. For example, Mayorkas is reportedly drafting a regulation to expand the justifications for getting asylum to include a fear of non-political crime.

Mayorkas’ regulations are “an attempt to bypass Congress and administratively turn the Emma Lazarus poem into law,” Krikorian added.

If the GOP takes back the Congress in November, they must re-write the immigration laws, including ending asylum, until the border is secure and a massive number of illegal aliens are going back to their homes of origin.

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