Trump Responds To CNN+ Being Shut Down

On Thursday it was announced that CNN+ would be shutting down.

This comes after their leadership finally looked outside their progressive bubble and realized that no one was actually interested in paying to watch their programming, especially since they are not currently watching it for free on CNN.

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Former President Donald Trump celebrated Thursday’s sudden shutdown of CNN‘s new streaming service and slammed one of the top talents the network had secured for its launch.

“Congratulations to CNN+ on their decision to immediately FOLD for a lack of ratings, or viewers in any way, shape, or form,” Trump said in a Thursday statement.

“It was like an empty desert out there despite spending hundreds of millions of dollars and the hiring of low-rated Chris Wallace, a man who tried so hard to be his father, Mike, but lacked the talent and whatever else is necessary to be a star,” the former president added. “In any event, it’s just one more piece of CNN and Fake News that we don’t have to bother with anymore!”

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The merger of CNN’s parent company, WarnerMedia, with Discovery earlier this month resulted in the shocking end of what had been hyped to be one of the network’s most significant developments.

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