Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Lawyer for ‘Libs of TikTok’ Creator Goes off on ‘Groomers,’ He’s The Perfect Man for the Case

Ron Coleman, who was part of the Trump legal team and is a partner at Dhillon Law Group, has had enough. His firm represents “Libs of Tik Tok,” a Twitter account that exposes the far-left gender identity activists for what they really are: groomers.

LoTT posts video clips of gender identity activists plying their trade on Twitter. The clips have been posted elsewhere on social media by the activists themselves. LoTT gathers clips into a freakshow forum.

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The creator of LoTT remained anonymous until Taylor Lorenz, the Washington Post’s hypocritical internet culture reporter, wrote an expose in which she doxed the woman behind LoTT, publicly sharing personal information including her home and workplace addresses. Leftists try to suppress the First Amendment because they know full well that when their useful idiots go public, they look very, very bad to us common folk.

Coleman, an orthodox Jew, knows full well that lawyers who defend conservative causes face backlash.

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Coleman is ready. He defended LoTT by threatening legal action against those who post false tweets about the LoTT founder. “The phony ‘tweet’ shown below is false and defamatory,” Coleman tweeted. “Our client never tweeted it. Legal action is being contemplated. Anyone with information concerning the creator of this fake tweet is invited to contact me.”

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