No More Woke! Exxon Bans BLM, Pride Flag From Being Flown

Exxon Mobil announced that they would be banning the Pride Flag and BLM flag from being flown outside of their headquarters on the flagpole.

From Fox

Exxon is banning the LGBTQ pride flag from being flown outside its Houston corporate office during pride month in June.

The company updated guidance on acceptable flags which can be displayed outside offices, which included banning “external position flags,” including the pride flag and Black Lives Matter flag, according to the new policy obtained by Bloomberg News.

The rule does permit a flag representing an LGBTQ employees’ group to be flown, but it can’t prominently display the Exxon corporate logo, according to the report.

It’s great to see an American corporation tell their employees to focus on their work, instead of what gender they think they are.

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