TX Gov. Abbott: ‘No Way’ the U.S. Can Assimilate, Deal with All of the People Rushing Across the Border

Build the wall with USA and Mexico.

“People need to understand the volume of people who are coming across the border. In Texas alone, just during the Biden administration, there were more than 1.6 million people apprehended,” he said. “Think about it. That’s larger than the city of Dallas, larger than the city of San Antonio coming across the border, apprehended in just one year. And that does not count all the people who were not apprehended.

“And if Title 42 is removed, according to the Biden administration, it would mean 18,000 people a day coming across the border, which would, in turn, annually mean there would be more than six million people coming across the border,” Abbott continued. “That’s two times the size of the city of Houston. There’s no way the United States is going to be able to assimilate or deal with all of these people who are rushing across the border constantly. And that’s the problem we have down there. The Border Patrol are outmanned.”


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