Teacher: Students should learn eggs come from ovaries, not women, to support transgender, non-non-binary kids

Ovarian pain

The Department of Education is under fire after a viral video showed a biology teacher claiming children should be taught that ovaries, as opposed to women, produce eggs in order to support transgender and non-binary students. 

The popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok posted a video of what it said is a Department of Education a training session for teachers to learn how to be inclusive of transgender and non-binary K-12 students.

“This trans teacher says he teaches inclusive language like not everyone who produces eggs is a woman,” Libs of TikTok wrote to caption the video. 

The person speaking on the video is identified as Sam Long and makes it clear he prefers he/him pronouns. 


“In our classroom we need to be a stickler for inclusive language in any conversation, and especially in the content that we teach. I’d like to give some examples from my content, which is science. I’ve mostly taught biology, and we’re teaching about life and living things,” Long said on what appears to be a Zoom call with Department of Education staffers and fellow teachers.


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