Senator Rick Scott Sounds Off On Biden’s Lies

Senator Rick Scott of Florida, a conservative fighter much like Ron DeSantis, recently released a statement that utterly and completely tore into Joe Biden, blasting him for his lies and rhetoric.

Apparently, the statement was sparked by Biden attacking him during a speech, first generally supporting the middle class and saying “We need to keep making progress — cutting costs for working families, making more in America, and creating good-paying jobs you can raise a middle-class family on” and then turning his sights on Scott and saying “congressional Republicans, led by Senator Scott, believe the way to fight these global challenges is by raising taxes on middle class families, including half of small business owners.

That’s ridiculous, particularly given that the stealth tax of Bidenflation is one of the most harmful financial pressures on the middle class right now, raising as it does costs on necessities, especially food and fuel.

So, though Biden’s statement was obviously a lie, Scott responded by ripping into what he characterized as a “desperate” statement, saying:

That’s rich coming from the man who is single-handedly responsible for historically high inflation, wants to raise the federal debt to $45 TRILLION, has no plan to balance the budget and whose failed leadership is pushing our nation into an economic recession where the labor participation rate is shockingly low.

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