National Diesel and Gas Prices Rocket to Record Highs: ‘Joe Biden Is to Blame

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The national average price for both a gallon of regular gas and diesel broke all-time records Tuesday – two months after gas prices shattered records on five consecutive days.

The national average price for a gallon of regular gas has now registered at a record-high $4.37, while diesel fuel averaged at $5.55 – also an all-time high, the American Automobile Association (AAA) reported. California had the highest average of any state for regular, which rang in at $5.84, while Georgia averaged the lowest regular prices at $3.90.

The current highs follow a five-day period in March in which gas prices repeatedly eclipsed record highs on consecutive days, Breitbart News previously reported.

A halt in price increases coincided with a “record-setting release of oil from emergency reserves,” CNN noted, but what relief the move may have created for consumers was short-lived, as prices are climbing to new highs just months later.

In a statement, Daniel Turner, the founder and executive director of Power the Future – a nonprofit that advocates for American energy workers – ripped President Joe Biden for the rocketing costs at the pump:

There is no doubt the White House is hoping that Americans simply become numb to yet another disastrous result of their energy failures, but the pain at the pump is too real and everyone intrinsically understands that Joe Biden is to blame. President Biden is now a two-time record holder for the highest gas prices, the most oil drained from the strategic reserve and re-injecting the term ‘inflation’ back into the national lexicon for the first time since the 1970s. This type of failure doesn’t happen by accident. The President’s green ideology is a man-made disaster and we’re all paying the price.

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