BOOM: DeSantis Blasts Biden Over Gas Price Crisis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took a wrecking ball to Brandon’s infernal insouciance in the face of the gas price crisis in a recent tweet, saying:

Americans are struggling with record gas prices – up over 50% since Biden took office – but he doesn’t care. Rather than expand domestic energy production, he continues to reduce U.S. production capacity (increasing our reliance on foreign oil) by canceling our oil & gas leases.

That tweet came on the heels of news that Biden had decided to shut down drilling for gas and oil in numerous areas, particularly in a 1 million acre spot in Alaska’s Cook Inlet and two leases in the Gulf of Mexico, all three areas of which could have produced a tremendous amount of energy. Even if not enough to get us out of the crisis, it sure would have helped.

But now the areas can’t be drilled thanks to Team Biden’s hostile stance toward the energy industry. A DOI spokesperson, speaking to Fox News on the matter, said:

Due to lack of industry interest in leasing in the area, the Department will not move forward with the proposed Cook Inlet OCS oil and gas lease sale 258.

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