Matt Walsh Asks LA’s Pro-Abortion Women’s March ‘What is a Woman’ Via Skywriter

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh is continuing his mission to ask leftists to answer one simple question — “what is a woman?”

This time, Walsh hired a skywriter to plaster the message across the sky above a pro-abortion protest being held as part of the “Summer of Rage.”

Walsh also has a plane towing a banner urging people to visit, promoting his upcoming documentary on the subject.

“For the women of this country, this will be a summer of rage,” said Rachel Carmona, president of Women’s March, according to a report from Reuters. “We will be ungovernable until this government starts working for us, until the attacks on our bodies let up, until the right to an abortion is codified into law.”

Though they protesters claim to be fighting for “women,” the left does not seem to be able to actually define what a woman is these days.

“If you ask this question – what is a woman – they become uncomfortable and they simply cannot answer it,’ Walsh told the Daily Mail. “Some of these activists we’ve encountered become militant, vicious, when we ask this question.”

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