Gas stations in Washington reprogram pumps to prepare for $10-a-gallon fuel as average price soars to $4.57-a-gallon – almost twice the $2.41 during Trump’s final month in office

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A national gas station chain is reprogramming its pumps in Washington state to accommodate $10-a-gallon fuel as the nation’s average gasoline price soars to $4.57-a-gallon, almost twice the $2.41 average during Trump’s last month in office. 

Other gas stations in the state have begun running out of gas as supplies become crunched, with reports saying at least 10 stations have run dry.

The shortages are mainly effecting regular unleaded and premium gasoline, though diesel supplies are rapidly shrinking too. 

Gas prices have also climbed up. A surge in the price of crude oil is what led to the last period of stagflation in the US in the 1970s

The war coupled with rising inflation of 8.3 percent are the main culprits why drivers are spending more than $100 to fill up on full tank of regular unleaded gas in nearly a third of the country. 

Gas prices are up by 27 per cent from the day before Russia brutally invaded Ukraine earlier this year.

‘Everything is pointing toward even higher prices. We are well on our way toward $5,’ Andy Lipow, president of Lipow Oil Associates, told CNN with prices almost sure to rise higher by Memorial Day, perhaps as high as $4.75 a gallon.

AAA is reporting an average of the average above $5 a gallon in California, Washington, Nevada and Hawaii, with Oregon not far behind.

The average price of gas a year ago was $3.04 a gallon. Prices were recovering from the pandemic when stay-at-home orders and business shutdowns slashed demand for gasoline.

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