Video Shows Massive Line of Teslas Waiting to Charge: 25 Wait in Line as It Takes Over 1 Hour to Charge

President Joe Biden loves to pretend electric cars are easy and convenient for all Americans. In reality, purchasing an electric car comes with plenty of additional concerns.

Recently, one woman captured a video in Louisiana highlighting this very fact.

In the video, a long line of Tesla vehicles can be seen waiting to charge up at a public station. The video has been making the rounds on social media amid the Biden administration’s electric car push.

According to KTAL-TV, the woman who took the video was Texas native Candace London Metz. She told the outlet that she had recently finished shopping at Sam’s Club when she saw the line.

Metz said she was so surprised by the scene that she decided to pull over and capture it.

“When I first pulled up, there were only about 10 cars,” Metz told KTAL-TV. “As I sat there, they just kept coming, and more and more got in line. At one point there were over 25 in line.”

Eventually, Metz said she made her way over to the charging stations and asked one of the drivers how long it took to charge his vehicle.

She said the man told her it usually takes about 30 minutes to charge, but the stations were running slower because they were overworked. He said his vehicle took about an hour to charge that day.

If every vehicle took as long to charge, cars in the back of the line would be waiting almost a full day to reach the charging station. While some might chose to just drive away after waiting a couple of hours, others would not have that choice.

Metz said the man she talked to was traveling, so he did not have the option of just going home. He quite literally could not continue down the road until he was able to get his car charged.

This scene in Louisiana was not an isolated incident. Long lines at charging stations have increasingly become an issue around the country.

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