How Obama’s radical LGBTQ policies pushed black Dem voters to the right

While ninety-two percent of black Americans vote Democrat, many of those same voters identify as conservative Christians. Shemeka Michelleand Delano Squires tell us why they believe black America votes Democrat.

BlazeTV’s Allie Stuckey of “Relatable” asks why many people we would consider conservative Christians vote Democrat. “Fearless” contributor Shemeka explains she used to vote Democrat as a result of her upbringing.

“I remember when Ronald Reagan won. I remember my family saying things like, ‘Oh my — this is the antichrist!'” Shemeka recalls, “He had six letters in each of his names … 666 … Very early on, I formed [the idea that] ‘white Democrat = good; white Republican = bad.'”

After voting for Obama back in 2008, Shemeka noticed that the policies the Obama administration pushed did not align with her Christian values. She slowly realized she identified with conservatives and has been an asset to the conservative movement ever since.

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