WATCH: Texas Police Spox on Live TV Confirmed Cops Went In for Their Own Kids During Uvalde Shooting

Texas Department Public Safety spokesman Lt. Christopher Olivarez confirmed to a reporter during a live shot that police officers went into Robb Elementary School to get their own children during the massacre.

Amid outrage over reports that frantic families who complained about police inaction during the massacre were held back by police, a clip of a live interview with Olivarez from Tuesday has gone viral.

In the clip, Vanessa Croix of KENS 5 says she’s heard that police went into the school to get their own kids while the shooting was going on, asks Lt. Olivarez about it:

VANESSA CROIX: And we’ve also heard word that a Border Patrol agent was struck with gunfire. A few officers shot. We’ve heard that some law enforcement officers actually went into school to get their kids out. Can you talk about that?

LT. CHRISTOPHER OLIVAREZ: Right. So what we do know, Vanessa, right now, that there was some police officers, families trying to get their children out of school because it was a active shooter situation right now. It’s a terrible situation right now. And of course, just as we mentioned, the loss of life. It’s just a terrible, it’s a terrible tragedy of another took place. But again, we’ve got to keep acknowledging those brave men and women that actually were there on scene that met this suspect. And, of course, we know that they were met with gunfire. Some of them were shot. But at the end of this, the suspect was shot, is now deceased. The threat is now neutralized.

The clip was flagged by prominent Twitter users like Democratic comms operative Sawyer Hackett and New York Times Evan Hill, and went viral:

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