Detroit Tigers Donating Proceeds To Fund Transgender Surgeries For Children

On Friday, the National Review reported that the Detroit Tigers would reportedly be donating money from ticket sales to organizations that promote transgender surgeries for children during their “Pride Night” game.

On Wednesday, the Detroit Tigers will host a “Pride Night” game dedicated to celebrating the team’s “Pride community partners, friends, and families” at Comerica Park. 

According to a report by Outsports, the team began hosting a “Pride Pack Day” in 2018, originally meant to commemorate the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage and the anniversary of the ruling declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

What is new this year is that fans purchasing tickets to the “Pride Night” game will be given the option to support pride organizations that promote transgender identification and transgender surgeries. Notably, several of the organizations the Major League Baseball team will reportedly donate to provide gender transition surgeries to children.

A quick look at the organizations included in the monetary support reveals the organization’s plan and work to provide life-altering, grander transition services to minor children. 

The Ruth Ellis Center provides “transition care for transgender youth,” including “gender-affirming surgery” on children. The group’s education and evaluation director told PrideSource in 2021, “There are a lot of barriers — especially for people under 18 — that still exist for accessing puberty blockers and gender-affirming hormones.”

The Trans Sistas of Color Project is run by the Trans Justice Funding Project, a “community-led funding initiative supporting grassroots, trans justice groups run by and for trans people.” The group provides funding to perform “chest reconstruction and/or genital reassignment surgery,” and “transition doulas who support and tend to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of trans people undergoing gender-affirming surgeries.”

Corktown Health is another recipient of support from the events and provides “gender-affirming care” in the form of hormone therapy for gender transitions. The clinic notes explicitly that it “may see patients as young as 16 years old.”

These are just a few examples of the organizations being supported and funded through Wednesday’s ticket sales by the Detroit Tigers. The Major League Baseball team is helping to fund services that will permanently alter minor children’s lives and bodies in their area. 

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