Watch: Sacramento firefighters fight their first Tesla fire that kept reigniting


Sacramento area firefighters put out their first Tesla vehicle fire this week, but authorities said it wouldn’t go out with normal methods.

Video shows the Tesla fully engulfed in flames when Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District crews arrived.

It “took a significant amount of time, water, and thinking outside the box to extinguish,” Metro Fire said on social media. 

The car kept reigniting and “off-gassing in the battery compartment,” according to authorities.

The car was at a local wrecking yard due to being in a crash a few weeks prior. Firefighters worked with the crews at the wrecking yard to move the Tesla on its side. Crews directly sprayed the battery compartment under the car, but it still kept reigniting. 

A small pit was created to put the car inside. Firefighters filled the pit with water, which fully submerged the battery compartment, authorities said.

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