Disney’s Woke ‘Lightyear’ Tanks at US Box Office, But Mainstream Media Can’t Seem to Figure Out Why

When Disney’s woke “Toy Story” spinoff/prequel “Lightyear” arrived in theaters Friday, it came trailing plenty of woke controversy in its wake.

The company made a big deal about reinserting a wholly extraneous scene featuring a lesbian kiss in the film as a rejoinder to Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education bill — you know, what progressives call the “Don’t Say Gay” bill (that has nothing to do with saying “gay”).

Fourteen foreign markets had already banned the picture and it seems unlikely the largest foreign market for U.S. films, China, will allow it to be released there without edits. (According to Vice, Disney has refused.)

Actor Chris Evans, now voicing main character Buzz Lightyear, has called parents who objected to having someone else’s sexual morality shoved into their child’s face “idiots” and “dinosaurs.” Producer Galyn Susman compared the scene to “showing failed relationships” on screen, implying parents who got upset over one and not the other were automatically bigoted.

According to The Daily Wire, “Lightyear” brought in $51 million in its first weekend at the U.S. box office. While that was enough for second spot, it was nowhere near what analysts had predicted. According to CNBC, the movie was expected to take in $70 million to $85 million domestically.

So what did the mainstream media say was responsible for the movie’s poor performance? Literally anything but controversy surrounding the lesbian kiss.

(At The Western Journal, we’ve been chronicling how Disney has gone far to the left — and is grooming your children with anti-Christian, LGBT-obsessed propaganda. We’ll keep bringing parents the truth about what Big Tech and Big Media are pushing on your children. 

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