‘Demon dolls’ are washing up on beaches — and John Oliver is terrified

These “demon dolls” washing up on Texas beaches are giving John Oliver the creeps. 

In an online exclusive of his HBO show “Last Week Tonight,” the 45-year-old British American came in on his week off to discuss disturbing baby dolls randomly found along a 40-mile stretch in southern Texas. 

He played a video from a local news station that said 30 dolls have been found on the shore. 

“Watch where you step because something might be already watching you,” a local news reporter said in the clip

“Burn them — burn them now,” Oliver begged. “I hate those dolls. I hate them so much.”

He went on to show close-ups of several of the dolls, many of which had their eyes seemingly gouged out or otherwise missing, only to be replaced with rocks, barnacles and other debris. 

“Look at this one,” Oliver said about a doll covered in green “war” paint. “Look at these blank eyes. Look at the skull and crossbones drawn on its chest. What does it want? What does it know?” the highly agitated host asked.

According to a clip played by Oliver, Texans can buy the doll heads at an annual fundraiser for the Mission-Aransas Reserve, which helps rehabilitate sea turtles. 

But there was one that stood out. One doll head — with its mouth wide open — sold for $35 at the auction. Quickly deemed it a sex doll, Oliver demanded, “That sex doll head and whoever bought it needs to be thrown directly into the middle of the ocean!” 

Oliver hypothesized several ways to get rid of the dolls — “break some kind of a curse … or a special volcano we can throw them into” — before pledging to take care of the spookiness himself.

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