Twisted – Biden Using Tax Payer’s Money To Fly Illegal Alien Minors Out Of Texas For Abortions

Even though over 100 million Americans are pro-life, and would never spend a dime to pay or help a woman get an abortion, the Biden Administration has been spending their taxpayer dollars anyway.

The unGodly administration has, unbeknownst to most Americans “been flying or driving illegal alien minors from Texas shelters to other states for abortions.

Why is the evil Biden administration spending taxpayer dollars to transport young girls to other states so they can have their babies murdered? One reason is, that Texas has outlawed abortion since Roe v. Wade was finally overturned, so their babies can’t be killed in the lone star state any longer.

From Breitbart

Not only is Joe Biden allowing illegal aliens to swarm into Texas…. He’s transporting minor illegal aliens — children — to states outside of Texas to kill their babies and has been for some time—nine months, actually, if you can appreciate a ghoulish kind of irony…

Biden officials are exploring ways to provide abortion access for pregnant women and girls in U.S. immigration custody in states with bans, four U.S. officials who requested anonymity to discuss the government plans told Reuters.

Many federal shelters for unaccompanied children apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border are located in Texas, where a Republican-backed law that went into effect in September banned abortions at six weeks.

For the past nine months, U.S. health officials have been flying or driving minors from Texas shelters to other states for abortions. Advocates say more guidance is needed now, and fast.

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