Hunky ‘Clark Kent’ look-alike steals the show at Jan. 6 hearings 

It’s a bird, it’s a plane . . . it’s Superhunk.

On Day 8 of the Capitol riot hearings, while the committee presented evidence of former President Donald Trump’s alleged role in last year’s violent attack, many viewers were thinking the same thing: Who was that hot Clark Kent look-alike sitting in the crowd? That’s right, an unidentified Superman doppelganger stole the show at Thursday’s hearing with the hashtag “Clark Kent” trending on Twitter late Thursday night. 

“Ok yes Trump is guilty….BUT WHO IS THIS…Ok Clark Kent!!” exclaimed one Twitter user of the unidentified eye candy.

The mystery man in question, who was seated behind witnesses Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews, was sporting a sleek navy suit and glasses — earning him comparisons to Superman’s bespectacled reporter alter-ego, Clark Kent. 

Social media went absolutely gaga over the handsome Man of Steel facsimile.

“Someone get this man a phone booth so that he can save democracy,” gushed one smitten Twitter fan, while another wrote, “I was distracted by Clark Kent…. anything interesting happen at the hearing?”

One awestruck commenter quipped, “Why are people questioning Clark Kent’s presence at the Jan. 6 hearings? He’s obviously covering the event for the Daily Planet.”

“When you have no idea you’re trending and about to walk out of that hearing to a modeling contract, a marriage proposal and a three-way,” fawned another fanboy.

One Twitter wit attached a screenshot of the man adjusting his glasses with the caption: “This is so infuriating you got Clark Kent about to go full Superman.”

Even Bravo boss Andy Cohen wanted to know the identity of the aesthetically endowed stranger. 

“Who on earth is this?” Cohen wondered, before asking if Superhunk was seeing anyone. 

New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali teased that he knows who the mystery man is, but didn’t reveal his source, only disclosing that the attractive attendee is off the market. “The good looking man sitting behind Pottinger is not single,” he wrote. “That’s all I will say and that’s all you need to know!”

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