Harvey Weinstein smelled like ‘poop’ but ‘thought he was God’s gift,’ new book claims

The stench of the “Weinstein Effect” is still lingering Monday, five years after mainstream reports of Harvey Weinstein’s dark sexual reign of terror first came to light.

Author Ken Auletta’s bombshell new book, “Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Silence,” dives deep into the ugly truth of the disgraced film producer’s downfall.

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“[He] had some notion in his head that his body was attractive,” the author, 80, told Fox News, despite witness testimony that he smelled of feces, had genitals scarred to the point they “looked like a vagina” and a back full of “uncomfortable” blackheads.

Still, “he really thought he was God’s gift, a Don Juan,” added Auletta, who spoke to multiple former Miramax film studio employees, Weinstein accusers and even the former film producer’s business partner and brother, Bob Weinstein, for the exposé.

In one chapter, the famed media critic for New Yorker magazine recounts how Jessica Mann — an ex-actress who claimed Weinstein, 70, raped her — testified on the stand that he smelled like “poop” and his private parts looked “deformed.”

“I remember the district attorney passed around pictures [at his 2020 trial] … and the jurors barely looked at them. They just showed them to the next person. They were that disgusted. They had no interest in looking at these pictures. I remember I kept looking at Harvey. He would just sit in his chair without expression. Sometimes he fell asleep,” Auletta continued. 

The Oscar-winning “Shakespeare in Love” producer is serving 23 years in prison following a rape and sexual assault conviction and a failed attempt to overturn his sentence.

Auletta also told Fox News how Weinstein’s victims were afraid of exposing him due to fear of his revenge. 

“They were afraid of challenging him and being called liars,” Auletta said. “They knew he would attack or castigate them. He had enormous power among the press.” 

He added that Weinstein was “willing to pay these women a sum of money to keep quiet. And as long as they signed a nondisclosure agreement, they couldn’t tell anyone.”

“Ultimately, he had no compassion. He had no ability to understand what he was doing to women,” Auletta added.

Mann testified at Weinstein’s trial in 2020 how he had raped her in 2013 at the Midtown Manhattan DoubleTree hotel. She noted how his genitalia was so “deformed” and that he shot his penis with an erection drug moments before their encounter.

“The first time I saw him fully naked, I felt, I thought he was deformed and intersex,” Mann said during the court case.

“He has an extreme scarring that I didn’t know if maybe he was a burn victim but it didn’t make sense. He does not have testicles and it appears like he has a vagina.”


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