Miranda Devine: FBI Was Spying on Rudy Giuliani’s Cloud – They Knew When He Obtained the Laptop from Hell, They Knew The Post Was Going to Write About It (VIDEO)

New York Post reporter and author Miranda Devine joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Tuesday morning.

This was after news broke on Monday that top FBI agent Tim Thibault, who opened the Trump investigation, was escorted from FBI headquarters on Friday.

Miranda Devine: The FBI won’t say anything about this

Thibault was allegedly the mastermind behind the affidavit to raid Mar-a-Lago earlier this month. He also was a known Trump-hater with longtime connections to the Clintons and the Obamas.

During their conversation, Miranda revealed that the FBI was illegally spying on Rudy Giuliani for years and knew when he was contacted by John Paul Mac Isaac about Hunter Biden’s computer. Miranda says the FBI even knew her articles on the laptop from hell were going to be published before The New York Post ran them.

The FBI Was Spying on Rudy Giuliani’s Cloud – They Knew He Had the Laptop from Hell

Miranda Devine: FBI Was Spying on Rudy Giuliani’s Cloud – They had access to all of his emails and all his text messages. I think it was May of 2019. That was one month before he became Donald Trump’s personal attorney. So they started spying on him. Presumably they wanted to spy on the President of the United States. So at the time, August 26, 27, John Paul Mac Isaac contacted Rudy Giuliani to tell that about the laptop Hunter Biden had abandoned at his store, back in April of 2019, That email that John Paul Mac Isaac sent Rudy Giuliani would have been visible to the FBI. So they would have been forewarned about our story. They would have seen my communications with Rudy Giuliani. They knew it all.

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