Putin’s legs seen shaking amid speculation about health

Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared uneasy during a visit to the Russian far-east province of Kamchatka — with his legs shaking amid speculation about his possible declining health.

The Russian president fidgeted his way through the National Environmental Youth Forum in Kamchatka Monday, and was seen shifting in his seat while addressing Russian students.


Some saw this as yet further evidence of Putin’s supposed health woes, one of several examples of odd behavior that Kremlinologists and Western intelligence agencies alike have said bolster reports that the Russian strongman is fading fast, most likely from cancer.

The speculation abounds, despite statements to the contrary from both CIA Director William Burns and Britain’s MI6 chief Richard Moore.

Burns, speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in July, said that the KGB-man turned president was “entirely too healthy.”

Moore — speaking separately but at the same conference — was more blunt.

“There’s no evidence that Putin is suffering from ill health,” he said. 

While addressing the crowd of Russian youth Monday, Putin’s tone was morbid.

“There is an expression, and whoever told me about it, I promised I would reproduce it out loud in public sometime,” the Russian President said.

“You have to live for something to die for — as strange as it may seem in your humanitarian field, this is something worth living for,” he continued.

He made the comment as those from Russia’s far-flung provinces continue to die in Ukraine — while the strongman avoids a general conscription that would draw from the Russian middle class.

While Russia has not released any battlefield casualty assessments since March, Western estimates place Moscow’s war dead at more than 15,000.


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