We’ve no room for migrants! Martha’s Vineyard – Homelessness Director

woke homelessness director in Martha’s Vineyard has brazenly claimed that the 50 migrants flown in by Gov DeSantis will have to move somewhere else because there is ‘no room’ on the billionaire enclave.

DeSantis flew in 50 migrants on two planes to affluent Martha’s Vineyard Island, off the coast of Massachusetts, on Wednesday, sparking a meltdown from the liberal leadership on the island – who declared it a humanitarian emergency.


Lisa Belcastro claims that the island cannot support the migrants  – where the median home price is nearly $1m- because it is facing a shortage of affordable housing.

The median house in Martha’s Vineyard is worth almost $800,000, according to the census, and the median household income is $77,370 – well above the national average of $67,521. 

She told reporters that at ‘some point they have to move somewhere else’, because the island is suffering from a ‘housing crisis’.

Belcastro added: ‘We certainly don’t have housing, we’re in a housing crisis on this island. We can’t house everyone who lives here and works here. We don’t have housing for 50 more people.’

State Senator Julian Cyr, a Massachusetts Democrat representing Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, admitted that they had implemented emergency hurricane plans in response to the new arrivals.

Nearly 1,000 migrants have been released to sleep on the streets Texas border town of El Paso amid a surge of illegal crossings that is overwhelming Border Patrol facilities.

Florida Gov DeSantis is now upping the escalating immigration war again in Democrat-run areas by threatening to fly illegal migrants to President Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Republicans have stepped up their attacks on the Biden administration as they try to make immigration the theme of November’s midterm elections.

Lt. Gov Jeanette Nunez has now declared that DeSantis’ administration is planning to send any illegal migrants from Florida to Delaware.

When asked about the historic wave of Cuban migration to South Florida, Nunez told WURN: ‘That’s why the governor has worked with the legislature, to secure funding to make sure…that people that are coming illegally…that they don’t stay here with their arms crossed, thinking about what they will be able to do.

‘We are going to send that person, frankly, to Delaware, the president’s home state.

‘This is going to be worse than Mariel, worse than everything that happened when we saw the impact of the ‘80s and to do nothing is not an option.’

Speaking on Thursday DaSantis accused critics of his move to fly migrants to Martha’s Vineyard of ‘virtue signaling’, saying their concern for the welfare of the migrants was a ‘fraud’.

He said: ‘The minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door, they go berserk, and they’re so upset that this is happening.’

It comes after Gov Greg Abbott sent 101 of illegal migrants outside of VP Kalama Harris’ home in Washington DC yesterday – just days after she declared that the border was ‘secure’.

Harris declared on Sunday that the border is ‘secure’ in an interview and has now found herself in the midst of an attack by Gov Greg Abbott against Democrat immigration rules.

She yesterday refused to answer questions about the sensational escalation, as Abbott continues his campaign against so called ‘sanctuary cities’.

One unidentified man filmed outside the Naval Observatory on Thursday told Fox News: ‘The border is open, not closed. Everybody believes that the border is open.

‘It is open because we enter. We come in free, no problem. We came illegally, not legally.’

Abbott has bussed in thousands of migrants who crossed the border into Texas from Mexico to New York, Washington DC and Chicago in the past few months.

President Biden yesterday branded the republican governors as ‘unAmerican’ for the way they were playing political games with migrants.

The GOP leaders say they’re keen for liberals who espouse ‘sanctuary cities’ to experience the full effects of uncontrolled immigration, which has hit Texas border cities including Del Rio and El Paso very hard.

Both Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried, who are looking to oust DeSantis from his role in November, slammed the comments made by his administration.

Crist said: ‘Gov. DeSantis’s proposal to forcibly transport Cuban refugees out of Florida is reckless, inhumane and a betrayal of our deepest values as Americans.

‘They deserve better than to be treated as his political pawns to curry favor with the extremist base of the Republican Party.’

Fried added: ‘Wildly inappropriate words from Ron DeSantis’ LG. Fleeing communism and tyranny to a state rich with family and culture only to be deported north by bus is cruel and wrong.’

A spokesman for DeSantis’ office took credit for flying the two planes into affluent Martha’s Vineyard – which is home to the Obamas, Oprah and Larry David.

They said: ‘States like Massachusetts, New York and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as “sanctuary states” and support for the Biden administration’s open border policies.’

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