Electric Cars Are Not Green – Not Enough Minerals For Expected Demand

The United States government has gone all in on electric vehicles and will spend billions of dollars paying vendors to install charging stations nationwide.

The problem with the radical green agenda is they jump first, then try to assemble a parachute on the way down.

Even the new world order organization, The World Economic Forum, is pointing out the massive issues the electric vehicle industry will have trying to access enough minerals to make the batteries.

The IEA: Mineral supplies for electric cars ‘must increase 30-fold’ to meet climate goals

The writers at Issues & Insights argue persuasively that producing the batteries for electric cars is an extraordinarily dirty, environmentally degrading business.

Today, a typical EV battery weighs one thousand pounds.  It contains twenty-five pounds of lithium, sixty pounds of nickel, 44 pounds of manganese, 30 pounds cobalt, 200 pounds of copper, and 400 pounds of aluminum, steel, and plastic. Inside are over 6,000 individual lithium-ion cells.

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