McCarthy: ESG Is ‘100%’ an Antitrust Violation and GOP Majority Will Pursue That.

On Thursday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) argued that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts are an antitrust violation and said that if Republicans take the majority in the House of Representatives, they will use antitrust law to go after the practice.

Host Hugh Hewitt said, “So, let’s start with the ESG and the proxy services. That’s an antitrust violation. I learned about that at the conference you held.”

McCarthy responded, “You’re right, 100%. And what this ESG is doing, it’s making the entire country weaker. It’s making China and India stronger. It’s destroying our companies, but it’s just totally playing politics.

McCarthy continued, It is antitrust…and you’re going to see us tackle that in part of the Commitment to America as we go forward. I mean, really, when you look at the…Commitment to America and people say, what is it, it’s a plan for a new direction.

And the sad part is, all of the challenges that you have, all of these challenges from inflation, from crime, to the border, to our weakness around the world, it’s all created by Democratic policies, and they have no plan to fix it. But we do,” McCarthy added.


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