Biden Let In 7 Aliens For Every 10 U.S. Births In 2022

President Joe Biden’s deputies welcomed 1.66 million economic migrants across the U.S. southern border in 2022, according to data revealed late Friday by the Department of Homeland Security.

Even though the migrants entered illegally, Biden’s deputies are using a variety of legal pretexts — under Title 8 of U.S. law — to release the migrants so they can work to pay off their smuggling debts to banks and loan sharks.

The huge inflow aids investors and employers by cutting Americans’ wages and by boosting housing prices.

An additional 500,000 unreported migrants sneaked across the border, according to official counts leaked to Breitbart News and other outlets.

The 500,000 additional illegal migrants pushed the total cross-border inflow to roughly 2.5 million in Biden’s second fiscal year, which started on October 1, 2021, and ended on September 30.

Overall, Biden’s illegal border flood delivered seven migrants for every 10 Americans born in 2022.

In addition, Biden and his deputies delivered six migrants for every 10 Americans who turned 18 in 2022.

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