In Speech In Mexico, Biden Says “What We Have to Do,” And It’s Not Strengthen Border Security

President Joe Biden just made his remarks alongside Mexican President López Obrador before the two met for bilateral meetings regarding the US-Mexico relationship.

In a letdown to many thinking that the trip to El Paso might have changed Biden’s mind regarding the importance placed on border security, Biden, during the speech, largely ignored the tidal wave of humanity crossing the border.

In fact, when describing the “better future” he envisions and spoke on “what we [the US and Mexico] have to do,” Biden didn’t say defend the border, defeat the cartels, or protect national sovereignty.

Instead, Biden’s vision of “what we have to do” is “build democratic institutions.” Apparently Mexico’s “democracy” is more important to Biden than America’s border security.

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Speaking on that, Biden said:

Above all, we both committed to pursuing a better future, one grounded on peace and prosperity for all of our people.  So, Mr. President, this afternoon and in the years ahead, I look forward to building that better future.

And I might add, just in the last 15 years, we’ve spent billions of dollars in the hemisphere — tens of billions of dollars in the hemisphere.  And — and we — what we have to do is what you’ve done, and I compliment you on it: We have to continue to support and build democratic institutions in the hemisphere.

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