Charlie Kirk Threatens MSNBC With Legal Action After Slandering Turning Point USA

It appears MSNBC has once again crossed the line ethically and in this case, it is so bad that Charlie Kirk is getting involved, legally….

The mainstream media news outlet recently published an opinion piece on their news site that not only slandered a Representative in Florida but also a conservative student coalition in America.

This opinion piece which was published on January 7th followed the story of Anna Paulina Luna, a Republican, who was elected in Florida’s 13th Congressional District this past election cycle.

The article applauded the progressive influx of Latino representation in Congress after this election cycle praising almost everyone BUT Anna Paulina Luna, simply because of her conservative values.

APL, who is expected to be a household name in the Republican party in the next coming years is of Mexican-American descent and also a veteran who has been outspoken on conservative issues for years. So much so that she flipped her hometown district red this election cycle.

After briefly highlighting Luna’s conservatism the article absolutely slanders in which you can read in the quote below:

If you’re surprised that a representative of Mexican-American descent belongs to the MAGA camp when MAGA began with then-candidate Donald Trump’s incitement of hatred against Mexicans, then you shouldn’t be. There were plenty of Latinos and Latinas who instantly sided with the authoritarian xenophobe, and the MAGA movement has always had Latino support.

What MAGA has done is give these voices a platform that not only amplifies such extremist views but also provides cover for their white nationalist allies.

Not much separates Luna from disgraced Proud Boy and Afro-Latino Enrique Tario.

A Latina version of Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., Luna, according to a summary of her career in the Tampa Bay Times, followed the MAGA playbook to gain political fame.

As someone who fought in the military, Anna Paulina Luna is not someone to not fight back she immediately took to Twitter and responded with the post below:

Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, responded to those comments after seeing the article on Twitter but first check out what the article says below:

“She has ties to chief Kevin McCarthy opponent, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and has worked with what I consider to be a MAGA white supremacist cult: Turning Point USA. There is also the moment in 2019, the year before she decided to first run for Congress, when she decided to stop using her married name Gamberzky and changed it to Luna.”

Check out what Charlie Kirk had to say below:

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