Schiff Should Face Ethics Probe over Twitter Files

During Friday’s Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC) reacted to the Twitter files release on Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) falsely claiming that calls to release the Nunes memo were being pushed by Russian bots.

Maria questioned the congressman about Schiff; “So what because you’re a congressman you don’t have to go under oath, you don’t have to tell, you don’t have any accountability?”

The conservative legislator replied by saying Congress will, at minimum, “need to do an ethics investigation” on Schiff and stated that Schiff “would literally lie just to push [his] narrative, rather than actually be truthful with the American public” and “you should not be able to lie in Congress.”

“At the very least, Maria, we’ll need to do an ethics investigation on him and then the true light’s brought forth, and whether he gets kicked out of Congress or reprimanded or what, you should not be able to lie in Congress,” Murphy added.

“I mean, it’s just — it’s a basic fact. It’s something that goes back to the American people, having faith in our system,” he continued

“And Adam Schiff and Swalwell and all these guys who would literally lie just to push their narrative, rather than actually be truthful with the American public is absolutely disgusting. Yeah, they’ll get their comeuppance. Karma is real. And it will happen with them,” added.


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