On Tuesday, the official page of Truth Social posted, 

“Alert: Truth Social hit record activity levels in the first week of January.”

“We also hit record levels for the 4th quarter of 2022 after becoming fully available on all devices in October. It seems that free speech is in demand.“

The App which continues to be developed has been adding features and updates on a regular basis leading to a renewed interest from its 3-plus million original sign-ups and attracting new users to embrace President Trump’s Truth Social.

Some of the features include:

Direct messaging, appeals to an audience who has been using Twitter.

The Truth App was finally approved by the Google Android app store in October after earlier debuting in the Apple iOS app store. 

Just The News pointed out on Tuesday that “the platform started by former President Donald Trump achieved record activity during the extraordinary week of Republican tumult that preceded House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s election Friday night.”

With the 2024 presidential campaign cycle kicking off soon, live streaming will most likely be rolled out leading to even higher usage, retention, and possibly another surge in sign-ups.


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