AZ Witch Hunt – Kari Lake Could Face Felony Charges Over Tweet Challenging AZ 2020 Election Results

Unlike the GOP, the Democrats, especially the radical leftists who are increasingly taking control of the political party, tend to fight in unison.

These Marxists have used $100s of millions in dark money to “win” elections, allowing them to place their operatives in targeted governmental positions.

One of them, the top election official in Arizona has asked the state’s attorney general to investigate Republican Kari Lake, a 2022 gubernatorial candidate, for potentially violating state law.

The request by Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, a Democrat elected to the office last November, comes after Lake posted a tweet on January 23 that claimed 40,000 ballots didn’t match voter signatures that the state has on record.

In a letter to Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes, Fontes requested “appropriate enforcement action against Kari Lake” for publishing the 16 voter signatures which were part of an image in the tweet.

“I think all ‘Election Deniers’ out there deserve an apology,” Lake tweeted while sharing images of the questionable ballots.

Fontes’ letter pointed to a state law that prohibits reproducing voter signatures other than the voter or a legally authorized person. He also states that sharing the signatures could amount to anything from a campaign violation to a felony.

Political investigator Lara Logan posted tweets slamming the partisan deep-state action taken by the AZ leadership.

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